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8 Litre Speedcooker II

10 April 2018 / Posted in AMC Products

Cooking under pressure is easy with the AMC Speedcooker® II. With our 8 litre pressure cooker you can prepare delicious and nutritious meals for family and friends while saving time and money.

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Cauli-rice chicken breyani

6 March 2018 / Posted in Easy meals Vegetables & sides

Are you tired of rice but maybe craving a good breyani? Then this cauliflower rice version would be perfect. A quick weeknight one pot recipe, ready in less than 30 minutes.


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chocolate fondue

6 March 2018 / Posted in Sweets

If you need to prepare something sweet in a hurry with minimal effort, then chocolate fondue is great. Even better, you don’t need to go out and buy a special fondue set, simply use your AMC units. 

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Frozen chocolate coconut creams

28 February 2018 / Posted in Sweets

This frozen chocolate coconut cream dessert is a healthier version of ice cream. But it's still decadently delicious. 


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Pointers for perfect pancakes

20 February 2018 / Posted in Sweets

Few of us are able to ignore that smell of a freshly baked pancake! Many people enjoy it as a sweet treat or dessert and it’s equally delicious as a light meal with a savoury filling. 

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Pancakes with wholewheat flour

8 February 2018 / Posted in Sweets

Pancakes are always a winner. Most of the time the batch is devoured while you are trying to bake them off.  AMC brand ambassador Heleen Meyer shares her wholewheat pancake recipe with us.

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